Sinda has been in
Magnet manufacturing
Since 2001 For 16 Years


Sinda imported the top equipment
for sintered Neodymium Magnets
manufacturing in 2015.


Sinda started to supply N52 grade
to top 500 industrial companies
in the end of 2015.

About Sinda


Sinda Magnetics Co. is one of best supplier of permanent magnets in China, our main factories are in Ningbo, Hangzhou, and Ji’an.  Sinda Magnetic Technology Limited is one of Sinda’s sales company which was established in 2010 for the exporting business with the background of finance risk in 2008.

Since 2010, Sinda Magnetic Technology Limited have exported more than 4,000 tons magnetic materials to over 15 countries include USA, Canada, Austria, Japan, Australia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Switzerland,  France, etc.  Also covered lots of industries like automotive, wind power, medical equipment, relays, switches, sound industries etc.

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