Magnet Manufacturing

Sinda have OEM and custom manufacturing for industries for 15 years. At first we manufactured Cast Alnico Magnet, then we started to manufacture Neodymium Magnet, FeCrCo Magnet, also we started to machine SmCo magnet for customers’ request. From 2001, we have manufactured about 1500 Ton, multi-shaped, multi-grades of magnets for our clients.


Magnetic Assemblies

Magnetic assemblies is the new business direction Sinda started to extend in recent years.  We manufacturer Pot magnet, magnet holder, magnet chuck, magnetic coupling etc in our own factory since 2013.  In 2015, the amount of magnetic assemblies have grown to 700k USD. We trust it will be a new growing point for us.  In 2016, it can be over 1 million USD.


Magnet Applications

Sinda will support on your magnetic application design, and it is free or very low cost. Getting knowledge and experience  of magnet industries from us, And also Sinda will supply free or very low cost samples for your new design, to help you check the materials. Sinda have devices to help you get the data you want to have. We can be your best partner.


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22 Nov 16
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In the past several months, we got hundreds of emails from our customers, they told us our website w...

Sinda’s Advantages

Sinda has been in magnet industries for 15 years, with our hard work and the support from our customers, we have become one the best supplier of permanent magnet and related magnetic products.

  1. 1
    Very reasonable price on our own production

    Sinda is a direct manufacturer of most magnetic materials, the price from us wil be much better.

  2. 2
    Top Quality Magnet

    Sinda  have been in magnetic industries for more than 15 years, we have experience on magnetic materials and good quality control.

  3. 3
    Good experience on cooperate with top 500 companies

    Sinda has experience on working with Siemens, Ford, GE, Eaton,etc. such top 500 companies.

  4. 4
    Good support on Small Buyer

    Since 2010, Sinda had gathered young people to serivce to customers through internet.  Small buyer and magnet user can get easy support and their magnet from our website.

  5. 5
    Good after sales services

    Sinda promises our customer with return services and exchange services



Our Clients