What will lead the magnet loss magnetism?

Lots of people know that the high temperature will lead the magnet loss magnetism, but what other reasons? It is a question from one of our clients.  He bought some Alnico 5 magnet from us, then he found the power became lower after he holds them for months.  After the descriptions of his condition, I found the magnets he had not been fixed into his magnetic system but they are moved here and there.  Because of the Hc of Alnico 5 Magnet is very low, the outer magnetic field would be easy to let the magnet loses magnetism. Read more

Just How Do Magnets and Magnetic Generators Work?

Magnetic generators are able to do what they do thanks to the power of magnets. If anyone is thinking about setting up their own magnetic power generator, then it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at magnets and try to get a better understanding of just what they are exactly and how they work. There are actually many different kinds of magnets and they are all made using completely different materials. Magnets have been around since the Greeks discovered that lodestone attracted pieces of iron. It was from that time on the mystery and power of magnets has been probed, researched and constantly amazed young children. Read more

What’s the difference between Maximum Working Temperature and Curie Temperature

Most of the people will be confused by maximum working temperature and curie temperature, and they are usually seen in lots of tables like that show you the physical properties of a magnetic material. Are they the same thing? Of course, they are different, but what is the difference between them? Read more