A Leading Magnet Manufacturer

We, Sinda Magnetics Co., Ltd, is a professional supplier of permanent magnets in Ningbo, China. Our company developed from a small manufacturer of Alnico Magnets, and now we have become a comprehensive magnetic solution supplier, our products have covered most of the permanent magnetic materials and magnetic devices.

Manufacturing magnet

Since 2001, Sinda Magnetics had started to manufacture Alnico Magnet in a small plant, with more than 15 years developed, Sinda Magnetics has several production lines.

  • Alnico Magnet
  • Neodymium Magnet
  • FeCrCo Magnet
  • SmCo Magnet
  • Magnetic tools and assemblies

Custom Magnets, Magnetic Assemblies

Sinda has been in magnetic industries for more than 15 years, with lots of experiences on manufacturing and application for magnetic products. Sinda has all equipment and devices on fabricating and machining all magnetic material to print specifications.

Design Assistance

It is very important to choose a correct magnetic material when you design your magnetic product and magnetic application. Sinda will help you find the correct magnetic materials and supply low-cost samples for your design.  You will get the best suggestion from our experienced engineer and fastly get the samples for your sample products.

Tech Support

As a direct manufacturer of the permanent magnet, the better tech support would be another reason for choosing us. We have a complete test environment and equipment in our lab to help you test the data you need on your magnetic product, not only the magnetic properties but also other physical parameters.

Quality Magnetic Materials

Sinda is an ISO9001 and TS16949 certificated company that can control quality very well. We have experience in supplying auto industries,

Our History

As the new request from auto industries, Sinda passed the new standard IATF 16949:2016

The team in Hongkong was back to Yuyao, the city our factory located because we found it is cannot supply good and on-time service far away from the factory. And started to use ERP system in production and management.

In order to supply better service, Sinda built a team in Hongkong for international business and founded Sinda Magnetic Technology Limited in this year.

We got the trust from a sensor supplier of Ford motor, we got into their supplier system, started to supply a special Alnico 8 magnet for their TPS sensor. It is the first client in auto industries with direct business from outboard.  In this year, we also got 2 other projects for BMW. Sinda become the No. 1 supplier of Alnico Magnets in China.

we can produce Alnico, FeCrCO, and machine some Neodymium Magnets. The Finance Crisis made our business down because our market focused in Mainland of China until the end of 2008. We founded our international business team in that year.

It was a choice that We started to get into deeper in magnetic industries that we started to machine magnets for other magnetic materials like FeCrCo magnet, Neodymium Magnet and SmCo magnet

That was because of the project from Volkswagen, it was a magnet for the igniter, Sinda becomes many professionals, in 2006, this year is important for us that we obtained the TS 16949 certificate, and it opened a new door for us to be the supplier of automotive industries.

In this year, the most important step for us, that we started to extend our production lines, started to produce sintered Alnico magnets. And in the same year, our annual sales volume was over USD1.5 M that means Sinda had been one of the important competitors in magnet manufacturing.

We passed the ISO9001 Certificated in 2002, that the first step we started to be a qualified for industries.

Sinda Magnetics ( it was called ShengDa Magnetics Co. ) Was founded in 2001 in Ningbo, as a Cast Alnico Magnet manufacturer.  With 500000 RMB Registered Fund, Which the founder was loaned from Bank, that because he just lose his work in that year.

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