Alnico magnet VS FeCrCo magnet

FeCrCo magnet is a good option for a material to replace Alnico at bigenning. But FeCrCo magnet was found it has some advantages that cannot be limited as a replacement of Alnico magnet.

Alnico magnet is the oldest magnet material human found and made for industries. The good performance on temperature coefficient,make Alnico magnet is still an important magnet material,although Rare earth magnet and ferrite have replaced almost other magnets. 

Comparing with Alnico magnet , FeCrCo magnet have better capacity on machining. FeCrCo can be machined as a common metal prior to heat treatment. That is an amazing advantage that can resolve lots of issue on designing complex magnet part. FeCrCo magnet also have good performance on temperature, that can replace some application of Alnico. And FeCrCo magnet is easy to be machined to complex shape.

FeCrCo can be produced to higher Br and lower Hc against Alnico, for some special magnet applications.

FeCrCo have better cost  on small magnet part.

Fecrco can be machined as wires. Very thin rings

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