What is the difference between the different platings and coatings?

Selecting totally different coatings doesn’t have an effect on the magnetic power or efficiency of the magnet, aside from our Plastic and Rubber Coated Magnets. The popular coating is dictated by choice or meant software. More detailed specs will be discovered on our Specs page.

Nickel is the most typical selection for plating neodymium magnets. It’s truly a triple plating of nickel-copper-nickel. It has a shiny silver end and has good resistance to corrosion in lots of applications. It’s not waterproof.
Black nickel has a shiny look in a charcoal or gunmetal colour. A black dye is added to the ultimate nickel plating technique of the triple plating of nickel-copper-black nickel. NOTE: It doesn’t seem utterly black like epoxy coatings. It is also nonetheless shiny, very like plain nickel plated magnets.
Zinc has a uninteresting grey/bluish end, that’s extra inclined to corrosion than nickel. Zinc can go away a black residue on arms and different objects.
Epoxy is mainly a plastic coating that’s extra corrosion resistant so long as the coating is undamaged. It’s simply scratched. From our experience, it’s the least sturdy of the out there coatings.
Gold plating is utilized excessive of normal nickel plating. Gold plated magnets have the identical traits as nickel plated ones, but with a gold end.

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