Free Energy Myth – Are Magnet Motors For Real?


Magnet Motor

The magnet motor is usually regarded as the most suitable supply of “free energy” as it can theoretically power itself. On the flip side, the solar energy power generator and wind energy generators demand an external source of input energy or fuel. We simply cannot get those additional energies continuously as they are directly dependent upon the weather conditions. However, with the magnetic field machine, it can work independently without ever stopping once up and running.

From time to time, people will call this “free energy” magnetic electric motor system, a “perpetual” power machine which suggests motion that carries on continuously, although this has yet to be proven.

Consequently, if true, it might generate limitless amounts of free energy for people. It could certainly energize the whole house because the standard generator can create nearly 7000 watts of electricity!

The magnetic machine operates off of the earth’s naturally produced polarity differential from the magnetic poles to excite the turbine, converting the rotational forces just like a standard generator, to produce the energy. The opposite poles will attract to one another as the similar pole will repel each other. Thus, the motion is continuous without having to get any external source of energy.

Advantages of Free Energy Magnetic Electric Motor

The free energy magnetic system, if practical, may be the answer to help us handle the rise of fuel and electrical power costs. One of the most exclusive benefit is it can work in any conditions regardless of weather conditions and so on. Furthermore, the start up fee for this free energy magnetic machine is incredibly cheap. The types of material needed are very low-priced. It’s compact too. Additionally, the free energy magnetic field electric motor is environmental friendly. Absolutely no pollution can be emitted by this magnet generator system.

Learning to make Free Power Magnet Generator

Yet, the most amazing thing concerning the free energy magnetic field electric motor would be the fact we can build our personal device right at home on our own. All we require is a DIY kit and few supplies as well as a few tools which we should have in the home. So far as I know, there is just one single workable DIY kit available at this time called The HOJO Motor. It is a step-by-step guide that reveals the way to assemble the free energy magnetic field machine at home. The construction procedure is really as easy as ABC even though we may not have any Physics education. We merely need couple of hours to build it up and begin producing unrestricted power at home. Learn more about the DIY Hojo Motor kit and get started today!


Source by Tom Dorsey

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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    Quit calling magnetic motor generatirs perpetual motion machines and free energy. THey are not as they always break down due to bearing wear and tear, magnet degeneration over time and heat losses in the circuit.

    If we are to get any creditable conclusions from the scientic community, due to their law of thermal dynaics which they say can not be broke,
    call them not free energy but RENEWABLE energy sources. Replace the bears and magnets before they break the machine, which requires ENERGY.

    I believe that MAGNETS as a renewable energy breaks not laws of thermal dynamics, but do NOT call them perpetual motion machines or free energy! Then we can convicnce them to accept our patents.

    Good luck my friends!


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