Magnetic Generator – Free Energy Secrets That Power Companies Hate For You to Know!


So you want to know more about magnetic generators and homemade energy?

Well, the truth is there is a growing movement towards using alternative sources of energy to power homes and offices.

I know how you feel; during the last blackout I was at a loss and became very frustrated trying to see my way around using candles!

After that experience I decided it was time to look into backup power generators.

The research I undertook led me to a few guarded secrets.

Information that I will share with you here.

What secrets? Well, first I came to understand that there were a lot of alternative ways to power my home besides the ways the monopolies were pushing.

And I found out that there was good information available on free energy.

Like using magnetic energy to power my home. This is a very affordable way to achieve freedom from energy companies!

Warning! There are a lot of “free” manuals out there that will mislead you about building a magnetic energy motor at home. Don’t be mislead! Get a thorough plan from a reputable source. Below are some links to take you to the right places.

Magnetic power generators use magnets to create continuous energy. This is easily and cheaply built with just a few common items. It will take you a little above an hour to build your first one. Once built it can be placed wherever you want in your home.

Don’t let your power company fool you any longer!


Source by Johanna Moore

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