What will lead the magnet loss magnetism?

Lots of people know that the high temperature will lead the magnet loss magnetism, but what other reasons? It is a question from one of our clients.  He bought some Alnico 5 magnet from us, then he found the power became lower after he holds them for months.  After the descriptions of his condition, I found the magnets he had not been fixed into his magnetic system but they are moved here and there.  Because of the Hc of Alnico 5 Magnet is very low, the outer magnetic field would be easy to let the magnet loses magnetism. Read more

Just How Do Magnets and Magnetic Generators Work?

Magnetic generators are able to do what they do thanks to the power of magnets. If anyone is thinking about setting up their own magnetic power generator, then it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at magnets and try to get a better understanding of just what they are exactly and how they work. There are actually many different kinds of magnets and they are all made using completely different materials. Magnets have been around since the Greeks discovered that lodestone attracted pieces of iron. It was from that time on the mystery and power of magnets has been probed, researched and constantly amazed young children. Read more

What’s the difference between Maximum Working Temperature and Curie Temperature

Most of the people will be confused by maximum working temperature and curie temperature, and they are usually seen in lots of tables like that show you the physical properties of a magnetic material. Are they the same thing? Of course, they are different, but what is the difference between them? Read more

How SmCo and Neo Magnets are Made

There are several processes for making magnets, however, the most typical technique is named Powder Metallurgy. On this course of, an appropriate composition is pulverized into fine powder, compacted and heated to trigger densification by way of “liquid part sintering”. Subsequently, these magnets are most frequently known as sintered magnets. Ferrite, Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) and neodymium-iron-boron (neo) magnets are all made by this technique. Not like ferrite, which is a ceramic material, all the rare earth magnets are metallic alloys.

Read more

Enjoyable Issues to Do With Magnets: Cool Experiments and Methods

I’ve all the time been captivated by the magic of magnetism. Why do robust magnets have such a horny power? Why are sure components magnetic, and others should not? Ever for the reason that additional robust neodymium magnets have begun showing in the marketplace, the enjoyable has gotten even higher!

They’re numerous enjoyable to play with, however, a set of neodymium magnets can go away you scratching your head. What are you able to do with them, apart from stick issues to your fridge? The reality is that magnets have an enormous software in our day to day lives. A lot of our know-how relies upon them. For the insatiably curious or the long run scientist, determining some enjoyable issues do with magnets could be very rewarding. Read more

Magnet Software-loudspeaker

Audio system are available all sizes and shapes, enabling you to take heed to music in your iPod, take pleasure in a movie on the cinema or hear a pal’s voice over the telephone.

With the intention to translate sign into an audible sound, audio system comprise an electromagnet: a steel coil which creates a magnetic discipline when an electrical present flows by means of it. This coil behaves very similar to a standard (everlasting) magnet, with one notably helpful property: reversing the path of the present within the coil flips the poles of the magnet. Read more

QC a Permanent Magnet

How do you QC a permanent magnet, magnetic meeting, or a chunk of kit using magnets?  There are a number of strategies which can go a Gage R & R, however they’re usually unknown to individuals exterior of the magnet trade.  A lot of the technical information about magnetic fields, each generally printed and taught on the college degree, pertain to magnetic fields created by electromagnets or merchandise using energized coils.  The models for electromagnets and coils are extra akin to Electrical Engineering models and to not conventional everlasting magnets.  Whereas each energized coils and permanent magnets do create a internet exterior magnetic discipline, the character of permanent magnets could be very totally different. Read more

Magnetic Pull Pressure Defined

Breakaway pressure, holding pressure, fixturing pressure – “How can all of those characterize the identical measurement?”  a youthful engineer lately inquired.  Engineers and non-engineers alike might be puzzled making an attempt to grasp among the generally used – however doubtlessly misinterpreted phrases – associated to the idea of a magnet’s pull pressure.

These phrases are sometimes used to characterize “power” when writing magnetic specs. Additionally they could also be talked about when anticipating the work required of a magnet inside an software. So as to add to the potential confusion, the utmost holding pressure, or how a lot tensile pressure is exerted by any magnet, is usually proven in on-line calculators – like our  neodymium pull pressure calculator – are based mostly on theoretical calculations of flux density. Read more

Guitar pickup magnets

Considered one of our favourite applications is magnets for pickups. There are various issues to contemplate in case you are trying to optimize your guitar to its full potential, and pickups are arguably some of the necessary parts of customization. In case you are a talented designer of pickups trying to create one of the best sound out of your instrument, you’ve gotten a alternative between alnico and ceramic magnets relating to magnetic guitar pickups. Read more

How to decide on permanet magnet?

In a hysteresis coupling, why is Hysterloy the material of choice?
A hysteresis alloy’s composition, orientation and warmth deal with are optimized to provide most hysteresis losses. Usually supplies are engineered to cut back losses. Hysterloy is often equipped within the type of rings with a composition near that of Alnico 5. The rings are oriented circumferentially throughout a warmth deal with cycle that’s optimized for maximum losses. Read more