Perpetual Motion Generator – A Genius Invention For Home Electricity


For any home owner, one of the biggest monthly expenses is very often the electricity bill. The cost of electricity is more often than not the second biggest expense behind your mortgage. This is hardly surprising given the ever increasing prices of electricity and it is the primary reason why many people today are actively seeking ways to reduce their electricity bills.

It is widely accepted that wind and solar power are two of the most common forms of renewable home energy and rightly so. They are super renewable forms of free energy which are both sustainable in the long term. However, there is one other form of renewable energy for the home which many people are currently unaware exists. It is the idea of producing power by using a perpetual motion magnetic generator.

A perpetual motion generator is largely based on the principal of moving magnetic flow for creating electrical power. This is done by utilizing the attraction and repelling forces of magnets to produce the kinetic energy required to spin a central core of an electricity generator.

These generators can be used to charge a battery bank at home and they can be used easily and safely to provide electricity for your electrical appliances. By running your electrical items from your perpetual motion generator, you will be using less energy from the power grid resulting in a significant decrease in your electricity bills.

If you are genuinely serious about the possibility of building your own perpetual motion generator, you will require high quality work plans to guide you through the process. Don’t be put off by this as they are actually very straightforward to build as long as you follow the right instructions.

A quality guide will clearly describe all of the components required and when and where to fit individual items ensuring your generator is built safely and accurately. You will be shown all of the required electrical components such as the diode, resistor, transistor and switches and provided you have a basic level of DIY skills, you should have no problems building your own generator.

Remember also that unlike solar and wind energy, a Perpetual Motion Generator does not rely on the weather and can be stored in your home or garage. They are a revolutionary way to save on home electricity and lets not also forget the great environmental benefits they have by producing a free, clean and sustainable energy supply to your home.


Source by James K Stewart

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