What You Ought to Know About Allergy Induced Autism

Allergy induced autism has solely been acknowledged by scientists and medical doctors for a comparatively brief time because the “discovery” of autism. Since being acknowledged, its presence has grow to be more and more widespread; according to the rise in autism instances.

Those that are on the highest danger for allergy induced autism are youngsters who’ve regressive autism – that’s, these youngsters who develop usually and begin regressing at across the age of two years – and kids with behavioral and neurological issues together with excessive digestive points (akin to intractable constipation).

Such youngsters are usually incapable of metabolizing (digesting) vital widespread meals proteins; particularly casein and gluten. Casein is one among milk’s primary proteins and can also be generally utilized within the manufacturing of meals. Gluten is a protein present in wheat and a number of other grains and is usually added within the manufacturing of meals.

In some youngsters with autism, gluten and casein aren’t digested within the regular approach. As an alternative, they’re metabolized solely partially and grow to be a substance fairly just like morphine, which may cross by way of the wall of the digestive tract and enter the blood stream.

These youngsters additionally typically have a “mutant” type of protein of their urine after ingesting casein or gluten. This protein is believed to be the byproduct of the creation of the morphine-like substance; the results of which is “spacey” habits in youngsters and a digital habit to meals that include casein and gluten.

On account of this improper digestive functioning, these youngsters are additionally incapable of eliminating most of the chemical substances inside their setting and their meals. These can embody pesticides, air pollution, detergent components, synthetic colorings and flavorings, chemical meals components, and different substances that may grow to be poisonous when constructed as much as unusually excessive portions.

The signs of autism will sometimes current themselves inside a baby’s first three years. Whereas some autistic youngsters might have intolerance to chemical substances in meals, different substances can affect different youngsters. The commonest “culprits” are believed to be corn, sugar, wheat, and citrus fruits. Signs could also be fully unnoticeable, nevertheless, it’s common for youngsters with the dysfunction to expertise low blood sugar, extreme sweating (significantly at evening), bloating, diarrhea, incapability to control physique temperature, rhinitis, a redness within the face and/or ears, and under-eye circles.

The discount or elimination of drawback substances from a baby’s food plan won’t treatment their autism, however it might assist with among the signs of allergy induced autism. And this strategy has been discovered to be efficient in lots of youngsters and adults. The enhancements reported have been vital in some instances, however for a lot of youngsters, who seemed to be severely autistic, limiting their food plan has lowered their signs solely so long as they do not deviate from the strict dietary limitations.

Transient Historical past of Magnet Energy Everlasting Mills and Functions As we speak

The idea of electromagnetic energy producing electrical energy has been round for over 100 years in the USA! In actuality, a person by the identify of Wesley Gary invented what’s accepted to be the primary self powered magnetic motor in 1874. In 1877 Mr. Gary obtained the primary U.S. Patent for the magnetic motor. Mr. Gary recognized an vitality supply, however fairly frankly, could not clarify it , aside from the truth that it existed. In 1925 Hans Coler, a German inventor produced a 10 watt magnetic motor and in 1937, working for Hitler’s military Coler produced 6 kilowatts of electrical energy with a magnetic motor utilizing a easy battery because the enter energy. Hitler’s generals had been so intrigued by the motor that they supplied funding for the mission for the rest of the warfare. After WWII Coler cooperated with British intelligence exhibiting his blueprints of the magnetic motor. All this info was thought-about high secret till launched by the British authorities. An inventor by the identify of Howard Johnson ready the stage for U. S. Patents within the 1970’s and 80’s of magnetic motors claimed to go 100,000 miles on 2 kilos of a mix of deuterium and gallium, each substances in nice amount all through your complete world. Greyhound Bus was rumored to put in a magnet motor into one among their busses, however this by no means happened. Rumor has it that Mr. Johnson packed all his gear and unexpectedly left for California. Years afterward, Greyhound was notified that Mr. Johnson had prematurely died. Nicely, shock, shock!! An acquaintance of Mr. Johnson’s tried to persuade Greyhound to put in one of many motors once more, however this time they had been stopped by purple tape in Illinois, with the reason that an excessive amount of tax income could be misplaced ought to this data ever get out!! And, oh, by the way in which, there was a gag order from guess who…. The US authorities to finish manufacturing of those gadgets!

As we speak, vitality is so immediately associated to our lives that we will not consider a world with out it. This by no means earlier than commercialized vitality supply is named the Quantum Vacuum, typically known as the Zero Level Area, which exists in all places within the universe. A zero level magnetic energy generator is mainly a boundless vitality generator. It runs by itself, indefinitely devoid of stopping, therefore creating utterly free electrical vitality, which might absolutely energy your private home, workplace or enterprise without spending a dime. It produces free vitality indefinitely, runs by itself, with out having to want a third-party gadget or useful resource to energy it. This can undoubtedly be the vitality of tomorrow. A part of the rationale it is critically being thought-about right this moment is the present vitality emergency, plus the generator is eco-friendly.

The generator powers itself and creates vitality by itself, with out requiring photo voltaic vitality, warmth, water, coal or another sort of useful resource. Specialists predict that the magnetic energy generator would be the vitality of the long run and by 2020 vitality corporations will start implementing this know-how with a purpose to generate cheaper and extra environmental pleasant vitality. Many of the sources of vitality right this moment are non-renewable and are getting quickly depleted from the depths of the earth. In its place, this type of vitality is generated in an environmentally pleasant method that does completely no hurt in any respect. Zero Level magnetic vitality is, merely acknowledged, vitality shaped utilizing the perpetual movement that’s created by magnets. Zero Level magnetic vitality is the achievement of harnessing the vitality created by this perpetual movement. As a result of the perpetual movement CREATES extra vitality than it USES -that added vitality might be funneled to different, exterior gadgets or machines -(Like fridges, washing machines, and houses generally). Scientists and technologists have turned to renewable sources of vitality to swimsuit the wants of the world. That is the place magnetic vitality turbines come to our rescue. The magnetic vitality generator can be utilized to generate energy anyplace and universally. A magnetic generator can fulfill the vitality necessities of your full dwelling with none want of being fueled. It makes use of the magnetic properties of the magnets that are present contained in the generator to supply vitality. The draw back to this know-how is there presently isn’t any strategy to regulate it and cost for it, thus it has been suppressed by oil corporations, utility corporations, vehicle corporations and OPEC as nicely. All free vitality gadgets have been suppressed by the company world as a result of such gadgets would permit folks to create their very own vitality without spending a dime, which might finally shut down the large vitality companies.

Science Honest Challenge Concepts That Win Awards – Challenge #11 – Electromagnets


You can be making an electromagnet utilizing coils of wire. The intention of such science truthful experiments is to check how sturdy electromagnets might be. Additionally, you will decide how the magnetic area energy is affected by the variety of instances the wire is wrapped round whereas making the magnet.


A magnetic area is produced when a present flows by a wire. The identical might be proved in science truthful experiments by utilizing a magnetic compass. Since a single wire has a relatively weak magnetic area, the wire might be coiled to look at that the magnetic area energy will increase with every added coil.

You will see out how the magnetic area energy varies when the coil turns are elevated. Additionally, you will learn the way the coil needs to be oriented (parallel or perpendicular) with the intention to be efficient.


A 6V battery, alligator clips, magnetic wire, masking tape, paper clips (one field) or 200 metal washers (1 cm diameter) and three core materials items of equal size reminiscent of iron nails or iron bolts or items of iron pipe.


Three totally different electromagnets are to be made utilizing core materials of equal lengths. Now wrap the magnetic wire neatly round every bit of core materials, however let the variety of turnings be totally different for every bit. For instance, one piece shall be wrapped with 100 turns, the second with 200 turns and the third with 500 turns. Hold the coiled wire in place at each ends by attaching tape and go away a minimum of 5 to six cm of additional wire for being linked to the battery. Utilizing your utility knife, rigorously take away the insulation of the free ends of the magnetic wire and expose 1 cm of copper wire.

The free ends are to be linked to alligator clips that are all the time utilized in science truthful experiments. The alligator clips are to be hooked up to the terminals of the battery. Use a shallow tray to carry the paper clips (washers).


Start with the core materials with 100 turns of coil.

  1. Join the alligator clips to the battery and maintain the coil of the electromagnet parallel to the tray, touching the paperclips (washers) with the coil to select them up. Transfer the coil out of the container and disconnect the battery. Now rely what number of paperclips had been hooked up to the coil and write down the quantity in a desk. Repeat the identical process four instances extra and calculate the common of all 5 readings and write it down within the desk.
  2. Now maintain the coil of the electromagnet perpendicular, touching the paperclips (washers) with the coil. Transfer the coil out of the container and disconnect the battery. Now rely what number of paperclips had been hooked up to the coil and write down the quantity within the desk. Repeat the identical process four instances extra and calculate the common of the 5 readings and write it down within the desk.
  3. Subsequent, take the coil with 200 turns and repeat steps 1 and a couple of.
  4. Then proceed with the coil with 500 turns and repeat steps 1 and a couple of.

Be sure to file your findings with out fail. Your desk will consist of a complete bunch of numbers. Graphs are crucial throughout science truthful experiments. So plot a graph exhibiting the outcomes for every orientation. The X-axis ought to replicate the variety of coils and the Y-axis ought to replicate what number of paperclips (washers) had been hooked up to the electromagnet.

Whenever you take a look at the graph it’s possible you’ll be amazed that every one your efforts have been displayed by curved traces, which communicate higher than numbers.

Magnetic Generator – Free Energy Secrets That Power Companies Hate For You to Know!


So you want to know more about magnetic generators and homemade energy?

Well, the truth is there is a growing movement towards using alternative sources of energy to power homes and offices.

I know how you feel; during the last blackout I was at a loss and became very frustrated trying to see my way around using candles!

After that experience I decided it was time to look into backup power generators.

The research I undertook led me to a few guarded secrets.

Information that I will share with you here.

What secrets? Well, first I came to understand that there were a lot of alternative ways to power my home besides the ways the monopolies were pushing.

And I found out that there was good information available on free energy.

Like using magnetic energy to power my home. This is a very affordable way to achieve freedom from energy companies!

Warning! There are a lot of “free” manuals out there that will mislead you about building a magnetic energy motor at home. Don’t be mislead! Get a thorough plan from a reputable source. Below are some links to take you to the right places.

Magnetic power generators use magnets to create continuous energy. This is easily and cheaply built with just a few common items. It will take you a little above an hour to build your first one. Once built it can be placed wherever you want in your home.

Don’t let your power company fool you any longer!


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10 Amazing Facts About Magnets


1. If you cut a magnet in half, you get 2 smaller magnets as a result, each with their own north and south pole.

2. The north pole on a magnet points towards the north pole on the earth. This is because they are both giant magnets and are aligning themselves together. This is how a compass works.

3. To make a new magnet, take one you already have and then rub it on a new piece of metal. This process is called magnetisation and will turn any piece of metal into a magnet.

4. Electromagnets are not magnetic all the time. If you pass electricity through a nail wrapped in a copper wire, it turns into a magnet. Once you stop the flow of electricity – it is just a nail and wire again.

5. A magnetic field is an invisible area around every magnet that attracts metals and other magnets to it. That is why you can slowly push 2 magnets together and they will jump to each other, due to them entering their magnetic fields.

6. The magnetic field made by The Earth is so big and strong, that it stretches out into space. The Earth is made from metals and materials like iron, which makes it just like a smaller magnet you might have at home.

7. Fridge magnets are used all over the world in families homes and in America, are seen on an average of 20 times per day!

8. The power of a magnet is measured in Tesla (which was the name of a scientist who specialised in electricity). Even though The Earth is massive and is a giant magnet, it is around 1000 times weaker than a small magnet you might have at home.

9. Magnetism was discovered and used over 800 years ago in ancient Greece and China. They even had their own compasses.

10. Iron is the best metal to use as a magnet as it is naturally magnetic. Others are nickel and cobalt, but if you have a magnet at home, it is most likely made from iron or ferrites, which is a metal made from many different elements.


Source by Tao Schencks

Mechanism of Breathing in Human Beings


Breathing is a mechanical process consisting of two phases:

  1. Inspiration or inhalation or intake of fresh air in to the lungs.
  2. Expiration or exhalation or out push of foul and consumed air out of the lungs.

Breathing is associated with the existence of life itself. The lungs themselves can neither draw in air nor push it out. Therefore, man breath by suction pump mechanism. The chest-wall and the diaphragm acts as a large pump in moving air into and out of the lungs. In man during ordinary breathing, 500ml of air moves in and out of the lungs with each breath. Mechanism of breathing: We know that breathing consists of two phases namely breathing in or inspiration and breathing out or expiration. Many factors are involved in the mechanism of breathing, e.g.

  1. Contraction and relaxation of the intercostal muscles in between the ribs bring changes in the position of ribs and sternum. When these muscles contract, the ribs are elevated and move upward and forward and when these muscles relax, the ribs settle down and move inward and backward. The sternum also moves inward and backward.
  2. Contraction and relaxation of the muscles of diaphragm bring changes in its shape. When these muscles contract, the diaphragm becomes dome like or convex
  3. The spongy and elastic nature of the lungs causes expansion and contraction. They expand during breathing in and contract during breathing out.

Breathing in or inspiration: In man, inspiration is active process. During inspiration, the intercostal muscles between the ribs contract and pull the ribs forward and outward, pushing the sternum farther away from the vertebral column. By the contraction of the intercostal muscles and of the diaphragm, the size of the thorax as a whole is increased and the pleural cavities within it are therefore enlarged. Since the pleural cavities are closed therefore their enlargement tends to create partial vacuum within them. The lungs are elastic and communicate with the atmosphere through the air passages (trachea, bronchi). As soon as the pressure around the lungs is lowered, the air rushes into them through the trachea and bronchi. In this way the lungs expand to fill the pleural cavities and the pressure on the inside and outside of the thorax are equalized. Thus the mechanism of human breathing is a suction-pump mechanism. The lungs are made to expand and contract by movements of the ribs and diaphragm.

Breathing out or expiration: Expiration in man is normally a passive process. In severe muscular exercise however, the expiration also becomes active. During expiration, the intercostal muscles of the ribs relax, the ribs move downward and inward. Thus the size of the chest cavity is reduced from side to side. The sternum comes to its original position, decreasing the size of the chest cavity from front to back. At the same time muscles of the diaphragm relax and so the diaphragm assumes its dome shaped position. Thus with the relaxation of the muscles of diaphragm and of the intercostal muscles, the size of the thorax as a whole is decreased. This reduction in the size of the thorax exerts pressure on the lungs. The lungs themselves are very elastic and tend to return to their original size. When the lungs are pressed, the foul air inside them is expelled or expiration occurs.


Source by Ahsan Doct Iqbal

5 Fascinating Magnet Details That You May Not Have Identified

Magnets are current in all places even within the home equipment that we use day by day. How a lot have you learnt about these magnets? This text highlights 5 details that you just may need not recognized about magnets.

Reality #1 – Homing Pigeons Have An Inbuilt Magnetic Compass

An inbuilt magnetic compass helps homing pigeons find their method again house even throughout cloudy days. It’s current contained in the pigeon’s neck. If you happen to place an additional magnet on the pigeon’s neck, this in-built magnetic mechanism ceases to perform.

Reality #2 – Magnetism In Trains

Maglev Trains (Magnetic Levitation Trains) run on very highly effective electromagnets as a substitute of the same old railway monitor. This magnetic monitor is named a guideway. Maglev Trains are finest examples of Magnetic Levitation.

Reality #three – You Can Discover North Utilizing Your Watch

Even watches have magnets in them. These magnets can be utilized to seek out North. Level the hour hand of your watch in the direction of the Solar. The NS (North-South) can be current halfway between the hour hand and quantity 12 of your watch. Stand in such a place that the Solar is rising in the direction of your proper. Level a pencil in the direction of the North-South path. The path by which you and the pencil are pointing is the North.

Reality #four – Even The Solar Has A Magnetic Discipline

Do you know that even the Solar has a magnetic discipline round it? This magnetic discipline and its curved construction will be seen by the bursting glowing gases that erupt from the Solar’s floor.

Reality #5 – Hitting A Magnet With Instruments Can Destroy Its Magnetism

Hitting a magnet with arduous instruments like a hammer can destroy its magnetism. A magnet additionally loses its magnetism if you happen to drop or warmth it. All these actions can lead to a dispersion of mini magnets throughout the magnet and this results in a lack of magnetic properties.



The Different Types Of Magnets


Magnets are used in various fields and for hundreds of applications. They are very useful and their usage depends on the type and shape of the magnet. In fact, you can have them custom made to match your specific applications. But what are the major types of magnets?

Temporary – This type is usually iron and iron alloys that are magnetized using magnetic fields. The only problem is that they lose their magnetic properties gradually and over time, especially when the magnetic field is not present.

Permanent – They are naturally occurring and that retain their magnetic properties over a long period of time. The best examples are alnico and ferrites. Aluminum nickel cobalt alloy falls under alnico whereas ferrites are ceramic like materials made from mixing iron oxides with cobalt, strontium or nickel.

Electromagnets – They are very strong compared to the rest and are made by placing a metal core inside wire coils carrying electrical current. Once the electricity goes through the wire it produces the magnetic field and the core acts as the magnet as the energy flows through. These are used in electric motors, TVs and even computers and other devices.

Magnet shapes

Magnets are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. The bigger they are the stronger they may be but this may not always be the case because even smaller sized magnets can be improved to take high strength using specific materials. However, the shape can tell a lot about the side and every shape influences how the magnet will be used. Generally, the shape determines the arrangement of the magnetic field outside the magnet and the strength of the pull. The most common magnet shapes are:

Bar magnets that have power focused on the poles and less on the sides, making this shape the weakest because of the small pole area. The shape is, however commonly used as a compass and refrigerator magnets or even for classroom demonstrations.

Horseshoe magnets are shaped in a U making them stronger because the poles point to the same direction. This is actually the universal shape of magnets and is used to pick metal objects of any size depending on strength of the magnet.

Other shapes that you will find available include sphere, disc, cylinder and ring. Considering that each shape determines the pull strength and possible applications, it is very important that you make, you make the right selection in relation to the application needs you have.

What about shattering magnets?

Shuttering magnet is a fairly new system created to fix formwork in concrete precast. They include the popular neodymium magnets and they have steel box housing and black epoxy material that keeps them from damage. These magnets are ideal for all precast concrete formwork constructions. They will prove functional whether for steel or wood shuttering. The magnets are designed with higher magnetic circuit levels, making offering very strong adhesive force to any given ferrous formwork. They can be customized in different powers and design to match specific requirements.


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Basic Motorcycle Riding Techniques


There are three basic techniques that every motorcycle rider should know. Even advanced motorcycle riders can use a refresher on the basics:

1. Head & eyes

2. Using the friction zone

3. Controlling the rear brake

First, you must master the “head and eyes” technique. This means exactly that wherever you look is where the motorcycle will go. The reason the phrase “head and eyes” is used is that if you turn your head to the left, but your eyes look straight ahead, this motorcycle riding technique won’t work. Both your head and eyes must turn in the direction you want the motorcycle to go. Don’t ever look down unless you want to go down. The “head and eyes” technique takes practice to become second nature. Fortunately, you can practice this riding technique every time you ride your motorcycle. For instance, if you are turning to the right from a stop sign, turn your head and eyes to the right, look down the road where you want the motorcycle to go and you’ll immediately notice you will be making a much tighter turn than normal. When you stop at a stop sign and are about to make a left hand turn, turn your head and eyes to the left, avoid looking at the curb or the center line of the road and focus on where you want the bike to end up and you will find you will never drift towards the curb or the center line of the road. You can even practice the “head and eyes” technique while riding a bicycle by making U-turns on the road in front of your own house.

Second, you must learn how to use the friction zone. The friction zone is the area on the clutch between fully open and fully closed. In other words, as you let the clutch out and the motorcycle starts to move, you’re entering the friction zone. A simple way to become accustomed to riding a motorcycle in the friction zone is to practice what’s called the slow race. That is merely going as slow as you possibly can without releasing the clutch all the way.

Third, you need to properly use the rear or controlling brake. With the bike in the friction zone, keep your foot on the rear brake and feather it as the motorcycle starts to move. By doing this you are making the bike think it’s going faster than it is. When you apply power and keep your foot on the rear brake, it keeps the bike from falling over at low speeds that is where most people have difficulty. I’ve never heard of anyone having problems balancing their bike at 50 or 60 MPH. If you don’t use these motorcycle riding techniques at 5 or 10 MPH, the motorcycle feels clumsy and wants to fall over on its side.

AVOID using the front brake at all costs when riding at parking lot speeds, as applying the front brake at 5 or 10 MPH with the handlebars turned even slightly will pull you to the ground like a magnet. Of course, once above parking lot speeds, you must use the front brake as well as the rear brake, as 70% of your braking power comes from the front brake.

Avoid dragging your feet along the ground as this tends to upset the balance of the bike, and of course, if your feet are dragging on the ground you cannot have your foot on the brake. As soon as you start to move your bike from a complete stop, both feet should automatically come up to the pegs or floorboards and your right foot should be feathering the rear brake. Once you conquer these 3 simple techniques, you will be amazed at the tight maneuvers your motorcycle can perform. You’ll know you’ve gotten it right when you can make full lock turns in both directions at 5 MPH with the pegs or boards scraping a perfect circle in the pavement.

Even if you have been through advanced motorcycle training, a refresher on the basics is always a good idea.

Remember, all it takes is a little practice on your motorcycle. Good Luck!


Source by Jerry Palladino

Electrify Your Home For Nothing!


Do you realize that you can get rid of part or all of your electricity bill by assembling your own, low-cost permanent magnet generator? There is zero expense to produce electrical current this way, even though the apparatus requires some electricity to keep it spinning up to speed. The apparatus even generates its own power for that. After it is functioning at full speed, it needs no outside electricity at all to keep it spinning perpetually. Actually, these machines are capable of producing around five times the current they consume to keep functioning.

How much do the parts cost to put together a permanent magnet generator? The cost may astound you: Between one hundred and five hundred dollars, depending on the size of the permanent magnetic generator and, even better, the parts are easily obtainable just about anywhere. You can get them at your nearby hardware or home improvement store.

Complete schematics, parts lists and instructions are currently accessible for a very low price, often less than $50. These directions are so trouble-free to work from that just about any person can easily construct a permanent magnet generator without help. After you have built one or two for yourself, it is easy to begin a money-making venture centered on making these generators for the public. If you end up producing more electric power than you can make use of and if you are still connected to city power, you can sell the surplus back to the electric company when your meter operates backwards.

Permanent magnet generators are pollution-free and emit no toxic fumes. They are not noisy and don’t need much room. You might even locate one inside a city apartment to cut your electricity bill to nothing. Some people construct small permanent magnet generators to furnish part of their power needs, thus shrinking their monthly invoice from the electric power company. Others put together bigger permanent magnet generators that can deliver around 7000 watts, enough to electrify a small house. If you require even more electricity, you can easily harness the output of 2 or more machines together to create any quantity of free electrical current.

To give you a concept of what seven thousand watts of current can power, I own a sixteen hundred square foot dwelling in Hawaii that has been completely run on solar power since 1999. It has an array of forty solar panels, each with an output of 75 watts. 40 x 75 watts = 3000 watts. With just three thousand watts (and a battery bank), I can use my computer and refrigerator all day, cook my meals in a microwave oven and use a toaster. At night, I can watch 1 or 2 DVD’s while powering a small TV and a surround sound system. I keep the lights switched off when not needed. All light bulbs are the fluorescent type.

In the summer, when the Hawaiian sun shines brightly from dawn to dusk, I do not even need to consider how much electricity I am utilizing. In the winter, when the days are shorter and when there are more gray days, I have to turn off the main power switch before I go to bed and turn it back on at daybreak. The electrical refrigerator just “coasts” all night and the food is still reasonably cold in the morning. Where I run into run into difficulty is if I have to deal with an all-day overcast for 2 or more consecutive days. Then, I need to use a back-up three thousand-watt gasoline generator to keep the house operating and the solar batteries charged. This happens perhaps three to four times a winter and hardly ever in the summer.

A permanent magnet generator, unlike a solar system or a wind turbine, can operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and it generates the identical amount of power day and night, rain or shine. You can make use of it to run a battery bank, like solar (but around the clock) or you can easily eliminate the costly, high-maintenance batteries and drive your breaker panel directly. I could use a permanent magnet generator to replace my gasoline solar backup generator. I did not know about permanent magnet generators in 1999 when I paid over $30,000 to create my solar electric system. I will soon need to replace the six giant solar batteries which will cost another $14,000.

Similar to an electric motor, a permanent magnet generator contains moving parts, so it does need a certain, small amount of periodic maintenance due to wear and tear. A permanent magnet generator, running constantly should last at least ten years. And, when it finally does wear out, the cost of building (or rebuilding) a replacement is very low, as has already been discussed.

A permanent magnet generator operates on the principle of attracting and repelling magnetic poles. An array of permanent magnets drives a flywheel which, in turn, spins a generator. In short, it uses magnets and magnetic force to produce perpetual electricity. It will continue functioning, even in extreme heat or below-freezing temperatures.

If you are thinking that all of this is too good to be true, just know that hundreds of these permanent magnet generators have already been made, around the world, and most of them are functioning very well. What better proof could you require?

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